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Basic techniques for voice therapy: Voice Box

Voice therapy is a profession in itself. Many speech therapists do not know where to start and do not have the right equipment available. Learn some very practical basic techniques and improve your therapeutic skills!


When I just started as a voice therapist, there was actually very little material available and also very few courses. I started reading a lot of books, followed dozens of courses on various subjects, searched online, tested in practice ... No course could give me, as a starting voice therapist, the tools I needed to get started smoothly. That's why I gradually started writing a course and developing material. I have collected this material in a beautiful box, Voice Box. An extensive course with ebook, video training and online course will be added. Every year you can also register for the online question session and you can immediately ask all your questions.

Digitizing as an independent speech therapist

A group course is more than an online course. You will receive intensive guidance from Anouk. The online course alternates with biweekly live sessions and Anouk is also available to answer all your questions. A process takes 2 to 4 months and includes many extra bonuses and exercises. You will also receive an extensive package of material for some routes.

Practical kinesio taping - April 3, 2021

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