Interdisciplinary collaboration to help you even better.

Every month we organize an interdisciplinary voting clinic in our practice. This in collaboration with ENT physician Dr. Olivia Vandenbulcke in such a way that we can compare medical imaging and clinical data from different paramedical disciplines .


This way we can optimally guide you as a professional speaker or singer.

ENT physician Dr. Olivia Vandenbulcke starts with a laryngostroboscopic examination . She will look at your vocal cords with a flexible scope through the nose. This gives a clear picture of the mobility of your vocal cords and the presence or absence of an organic lesion.

Speech therapist Anouk De Vleeschhauwer will then perform a voice test . In addition to a questionnaire and observations, this mainly involves a number of objective measurements in which you will produce sliding tones, swell tones, sounds ... through a microphone . Based on these results, a statement can be made about your voice quality, register and degree of hoarseness.

Ostepaat Kevin Boddaert looks at the body with his voice problem in its entirety and ensures that the resilience is restored . In this way, the voice can again function normally. Increased tension in the head and neck region and diaphragm can lead to voice problems. Incorrect use of your voice can lead to increased muscular tension. These functional changes can reduce the power of the voice.

Vocal coach Kristel Lamerichs examines your vocal possibilities and obstacles as a singer . Based on a number of exercises, she maps out your working points as a singer.

Psychologist Lieve Van Gool listens to your questions about stress, burnout, performance anxiety and perfectionism in an initial meeting . These are common topics for people with voice problems. Stress has an important influence on your voice and limits the functioning of your voice.

You can only make an appointment by phone or email. In this way it is possible to coordinate the agendas of the different therapists and the ENT doctor so that you can subsequently undergo all examinations.

This to offer smooth and efficient care.


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