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Dirty air, allergens, demanding schedules, arid climates, and heavy use can really take a toll on your vocal health. Supported by current academic research, the VocalMist uses its specialized Hydration Formula (Isotonic Saline - 0.9% NaCl) to moisturize and condition your voice while cleansing allergens and mucus from your airways and nasal passages for better singing hygiene.


Perfect for singers of all levels, actors, public speakers, teachers and all professional voice users. The VocalMist is a travel-friendly way to get rid of dry slime and keep your vocal health in top shape at any time of the day.



What can you expect?

- VocalMist nebulizer
- Detachable face mask and handpiece
- Quiet, compact, portable and lightweight
- Small particle size to effectively achieve voice / sinuses (1-5um)
- USB rechargeable lithium batteries
- One button control system
- Suitable for mist inhalation anywhere, anytime.


VocalMist is only intended for use with the Hydration Formula, which has proven to be effective for singers and safe to use.

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