A podcast about how you can overcome your fear of public speaking and become the speaker you always wanted to be.

The podcast is a personal non-profit project out of love and passion for podcast and spoken language. Below I propose the following topics that will be covered. I would like to take you along in my project and find your input very valuable. For each episode I have drawn up a Google Form with a number of short questions.


# 3 Dealing with public speaking anxiety  

Many people experience fear of public speaking at some point. This can be in a family circle, with friends, but especially when you have to speak in front of a group. The spoken word has already undergone a whole evolution and is increasingly being rendered digitally. The advent of podcasts, online courses, meetings ... make it even more challenging. Everyone has to be suddenly outgoing and happy to speak in front of a group. That is certainly not the case! Overcoming your fears starts with yourself and I would like to give you some tips on how to do that.

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# 4 Basic techniques for acoustics

Acoustics are an important part if you want a clear recording without much noise. It remains a difficult task to ensure that no background noise is audible and that your voice is clear. I give you 4 tips for good acoustics during your podcast. Other questions? Fill in the form!

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# 5 Voice hygiene and warming up


It is important to warm up your voice before starting your podcast. This way you ensure that your voice does not let you down. Voice hygiene is important to keep your voice in good shape. Just like any top athlete, you should take care of your voice and warm it up.

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# 6 From idea to podcast  

A lot of people have good ideas but cannot put these ideas into words or cannot convey their words well. A good idea is essential to start, but how do you proceed from then on? I'm happy to tell you in this episode and take you through the process of creating a podcast from start to finish.

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# 7 Intonation for public speaking

Have you ever considered that the way you say something often tells more than the content? Your intonation reflects your intention and it is important to adapt it to your audience. Since you have no image to support your story, you must ensure that your intonation creates the image in such a way that your listener is fully involved in your story. In this episode I will tell about the different intonation patterns and their meaning.

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# 8 Articulation in public speaking

Taking care of your articulation ensures that you can appeal to a wider audience, but without losing your authenticity. How do you do that? Well, I will give you a lot of tips to improve your articulation.

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Make your voice count: podcast course


Become a confident speaker for your podcast or online course!


Start with this course and get started step by step with practical exercises to overcome your fear of speaking and become the speaker you always wanted to be.


Few were born as experienced, entertaining speakers. As a speaker you want to inform your audience, make them laugh in between and hope that your audience will hang on your every word until the end. It seems to come naturally to some. News flash, that's not it. Because of my professional choices I had to challenge myself to give workshops, online courses and now also create my own podcast. Your voice, articulation and intonation largely determine how you come across to your listener. Instead of investing in expensive materials, you should invest in yourself and you can do that with this course!

Do you know that?

  • You have many good ideas but you don't know how to put your ideas into words and appeal to your audience

  • You think your voice doesn't sound nice and you don't like to hear yourself on audio

  • You cannot let your enthusiasm echo in your voice and you often sound the same

  • You often suffer from a cracking voice during recording and your voice quality is very variable

  • You can no longer see the trees through the forest and you do not know which material to purchase for good audio recordings during your podcast


But do you also want ...

  • A clear strategy to build your content and give your listeners a common thread throughout your story

  • Discover your authentic voice and make sure you can trust your voice

  • Launch your podcast or online course with confidence

  • Getting the right tools so that you can improve your acoustics and select the right materials without having to invest a lot of money

  • Improve your pronunciation so that you can reach more people without losing your authenticity


Can you fully relate to the above story? Then I have created the course for you.

In this course I will teach you how to use your voice to get your message across. Often it is terrible to hear yourself and your voice does not translate your message correctly. It is a fully developed course based on scientific evidence. In addition, intensive attention is paid to practicing the different techniques.


The course consists of 7 modules:

  1. Stability: voice hygiene & stress

  2. Mindset and dealing with public fear

  3. Microphone techniques and acoustics

  4. Voting technique and warming

  5. Breathing

  6. Articulation

  7. Intonation





The first 10 participants receive an exclusive 50% discount. Put yourself on the waiting list and make sure you are among the first to register.


I look forward to working with you and making your podcast a success!

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