About breath and breath support: Breathing Training Box


Breathing and breath support is a frequently heard concept in voice therapy. As a speech therapist, do you need new insights and fun material to enrich your therapy?


This online course comes together with a beautifully designed box, namely Breathing Training Box. Everything you need to get started right away!

As a voice therapist, there is still very little fun material on the market. During my search for material for my own therapies I came across the fact that I do not have any material available or that the material is not very professional. In addition, there is an abundance of online videos and courses and I try to give new insights with my material and to work critically at the current materials. Only supplying material provides little information and make it a point that you can get to work very concretely at home. This is how my own Breathing Training Box was created with an additional entire online course, ebook and videos so that you can get started right away at home. I organize one online question session per online course for which you can register without obligation and ask me all your questions.


Do you know that?

  • You want to work on breathing, but you don't know where to start

  • Your variation in exercises remains very limited and you keep returning to the same exercises

  • Breath support remains a vague concept and you are not sure how to apply this in your therapy

  • You have little professional material available and you don't want people to practice with toys

  • You have no clear exercise structure for breathing

But do you also want ...

  • Receive professional and original material that you can use immediately at home

  • Continuing to learn about breathing for a lifetime

  • Keep up to date with the latest scientific evidence related to respiration

  • Learn how you can vary your therapy more and learn a clear exercise structure

This box and accompanying course allows you to think critically about breathing and breath support and how you as a therapist can transfer it to your client. The online course is available for life and is updated annually. You will also receive an ebook with a lot of extra information and an extra webinar: muscles in the head and neck and muscle spindles . Every year an online question session is also organized with Anouk so that you can immediately ask all your questions personally. You can always register for this without obligation via:


You can view this online course at your own pace and complete the following modules:

  • Introduction: muscles and anatomy with regard to breathing

  • Low belly breathing

  • Breathing frequency

  • Letting go of breathing

  • Breathing frequency

inclusief Breathing Training Box:

  • pilates ring

  • resistance band

  • flow ball

  • flow ball advance

  • stress bal

This box was designed exclusively for the voice path for speech therapists and now you can also receive this box at your home.


Become more confident and learn how you can thoroughly build this therapy with the right material!




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