Digitizing as an independent speech therapist


Our job as a speech therapist is much more than patient contact. In between patients you are busy with administration, reports, preparations, calling health insurance companies and doctors ... All unpaid hours that we do with a lot of love for our patients but that in the long term start to weigh on your therapeutic and personal life. Time to digitize everything and make 2021 a year of change because things can be done differently!


Digitization, a personal story ... As a starting speech therapist, like many of us, I ended up in a group practice. After obtaining my master's degree and postgraduate voice, I was completely ready to start and hoped that my higher studies would be a guarantee of success. Nothing could be further from the truth ... After two years of work I was completely exhausted, I saw 40 - 50 patients a week, after my long days I still had to prepare, administration, e-mails, school conversations and all this hard work did not translate at all to my bank account.


Do you know that?

  • You want to better guide your patients after the therapy, but you are not sure how

  • You spend hours on preparations and during the weekend you have to complete overdue administration

  • You keep treating more and more patients without knowing how it can be done differently

  • You have no idea what the difference is between different companies, VAT and taxes

  • You have no idea how to get started with social media and what is important for the findability of your website

But do you also want ...

  • You want to simplify your administration and make reports easier and automate

  • You want more control over your work-life balance and more insight into the possibilities as a speech therapist

  • You want to create more insights into your finances so that you can think critically about what is a necessary and fair hourly wage for you

  • Concrete tips and tools to organize your life as a speech therapist differently and work more efficiently

  • You want to find peace in the chaos of the many tasks that you have to accomplish as a speech therapist

During this group program, I will guide you for 12 weeks to approach your life as a speech therapist differently and to manage your time better. Put your paper agenda and file folders aside and make sure that you change that inefficient way of working into more order in the chaos and more time for other things.

It is suitable for any independent speech therapist , whether you have your own practice or work in a group practice. Digitization is the future and important to everyone. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the process! This group track is available for life and is updated annually. A new module comes online every 3 weeks. First, the new module comes online , the following week there is a live session in which the assignments are further discussed and the following week there is an extra live session to follow up the assignments and answer questions. Via an online learning platform you can review the content of the course for a lifetime. You will also receive an ebook with a lot of extra information. After the group trajectory you have the option to schedule one individual session with Anouk of 30 minutes to ask your personal questions. Every year an online question session is also organized with Anouk so that you can immediately ask all your questions personally. You can always register for this without obligation via:


The sooner you register, the more benefits you get and places are limited. I would like the groups not to become too large so that I can continue to guide everyone personally.


  • First 10 registrations: 50% discount (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

  • First 20 registrations: webinar 'Creative treatment via telelogopedics' and an individual session of 60' (LAST SEATS!)

  • First 30 registrations: nice planner gift for 2021

  • Maximum 50 registrations!

This group program consists of an online course with the following modules:

  • Time management & mindset

  • Administration & basics for companies

  • Financial freedom

  • Patient support

  • Website & social media

Group course 3 months

Start: April 8, 2021

end: 1 July 2021


Grow with me and register now! Download the first chapter of the accompanying ebook.




Saartje B., singer Excercise BAERT cabaret

“A while ago I got to know Anouk as an tremendously driven and skilled voice therapist. We worked together during several sessions on optimizing the singing voice . The tips I received were very valuable and especially immediately applicable (voice warming, breathing, projection ...). I have just left the recording studio and have been able to use a lot of the tips she gave me. ”


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